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4. Submissions To This Document

I encourage anyone and everyone who maintains a Linux distribution or mail order service, to submit information on their service to this HOWTO. It's easy and fun, and it's free advertising. This document is posted to many places and is archived (see the next section).

4.1 Types of Submissions

We are interested in submissions for:

If the number of submissions for services and layered products is large, I'll create a separate HOWTO for these items.

4.2 How to submit

To submit an entry to this HOWTO, please send mail to with the following information. This format is not machine-parsable; any of the fields may be any length that you wish, but I'd like to keep each entry down to, say, 50 lines.


Name of service or distribution


Name of company, person, etc. who distributes/maintains the service or distribution. Should include mail, email, phone contact information, and (if possible) a WWW reference.

Provider's Description:

Description of the distribution or service that you provide. If this is a software distribution, please include information such as what software is included, versions, general overview of installation, requirements, and so on.

Internet Access:

Where your service or distribution is available over the Internet; typically a WWW or FTP address.


How to order your distribution or service, if applicable. Include prices, shipping information, methods of payment, etc.


Information on support terms and support contracts.


Anything else that you find relevant.

Last Freeze Date:

Last freeze date of the current version(s). Also, your estimated update frequency.

4.3 Submission Guidelines

Please keep your entry as short as possible. If you need to include extensive information, please make a reference to where one can FTP or mail to get more information on your distribution; these entries are only meant to be pointers to where one can find information on your service or distribution.

If you provide more than one service or distribution, please use separate entries for each.

I may edit your entries for conciseness and brevity, if I find any irrelevant information, or if the entry is overly verbose. Otherwise the content should remain the same.

When making submissions to the Distribution-HOWTO, you grant implicit permission for me to use the entries in other materials, such as books from the LDP, and other online documents. For example, information from the Distribution-HOWTO may be included in a published Linux book. If you do not want me to include your entry in materials other than the Distribution-HOWTO, please say so.

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