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3. Re-Packagers

This section lists re-packagers of the Linux distributions listed above. In other words, the people selling the software below probably do not maintain or support the software itself.

3.1 InfoMagic Developer's Resource CD-ROM kit


InfoMagic, Inc.
PO Box 30370. Flagstaff, AZ 86003-0370

Vox: (800)-800-6613 (orders), (520)-526-9852 (tech support)
Fax: (520)-526-9573

Provider's Description:

The InfoMagic Linux Developer's Resource is a snapshot of the and archives. It also includes the complete GNU software collection (in source form). The following Linux distributions are included on the discs: Red Hat, Slackware, Debian and JE (Japanese Extensions).

The Slackware distribution has been completely unpacked allowing many packages to be run directly from the disk. Sources for all the packages in Slackware are also included.

The Linux HOWTO documents have been formatted for use with the Microsoft Multimedia Viewer (which is included) to allow browsing and full-text search under Microsoft Windows. InfoMagic also includes complete archives of the linux mailing lists.

InfoMagic also distributes the "Installation and Getting Started Guide", by Matt Welsh as well as Linux T-Shirts (featuring the platypus logo).


The 5-CD set is $27.50/copy. Shipping within the US is $5 (USPS Priority Mail), outside the US $10 (International Airmail), FedEx and UPS on request. Orders may be placed via phone, fax, or email (a PGP key is available: finger We accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. 1-year subscriptions are available for $150 (within the US) and $175 (outside the US) including shipping. A 1 year subscription consists of 6 releases, one every two months or so.

Internet Access:

The contents of the CDs may be found at either,


We provide unlimited email and FAX support. Telephone support is available via a 900 number at $2.00/minute. We also offer support contracts tailored to individual needs.

The CD-set includes a 30-page quick-start.

Last Freeze Date:

1st week of December 1996. Updates about every two months. The Slackware release is 3.1, Red Hat is 4.0

Entry last modified:

13 March 1997

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