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These web pages are edited by John
Gotts and reflect his personal bias towards English-speaking sites as well
as sites intended for advanced to experienced Linux users; however, these pages
also contain information and links to sites for beginning and non-English
speaking Linux users.

Due to the incredible growth of the Linux community, I cannot cover all
Linux-related web sites.  That isn't really the point, though.  Hopefully the
following lists will point you in the right direction.  If not, just enjoy the
software I've contributed to the Linux community, a sampling of which is also
on this page.  :-)

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Linux Expo '98 Pics

What is Linux?

Excerpted from the META FAQ by Michael K. Johnson (with modifications):

Linux is an independent implementation of the POSIX operating system specification, with SYSV and BSD extensions, that has been written entirely from scratch (this means it looks and acts just like UNIX). It has no proprietary code in it. Linux is freely distributable under the GNU Public License. The Linux kernel is written by Linus Torvalds <> and by other volunteers. Most of the programs running under Linux are generic Unix freeware, many of them from the GNU project.

How do I obtain Linux?

Selected Distributions

  • Fedora
  • Red Hat
  • Debian
  • SUSE
  • Slackware

    Complete System Vendors

  • ASL Workstations, Inc.
  • Aspen Systems, Inc.
  • Atipa Linux Solutions
  • Digital Networks United Kingdom
  • Essenz Consulting
  • LANshark Systems, Inc.
  • Microway
  • S. A. Computer
  • SW Technology

    Other Vendors

  • BowTie Software - Australian Linux vendor
  • Caldera Systems, Inc. - Caldera OpenLinux
  • Cheap Bytes - Linux CD vendor
  • Circadian Software's LinuxLand - Linux CD vendor
  • The ComputerHelperGuy - Canadian Linux vendor
  • The Computer Underground
  • Corel - Corel Linux
  • CS Software - German Linux vendor
  • Craftwork Solutions, Inc.
  • Data Becker - German Linux vendor
  • DCG-NMS - UK Linux vendor
  • Definite Linux Systems - UK Linux vendor
  • delix Computer GmbH - German Linux vendor
  • eLinux
  • Embedded Linux StarGate
  • Eridani Star System - UK Linux vendor
  • EverythingLinux - Australian Linux vendor
  • InfoMagic - Linux CD vendor
  • IoS - German Linux vendor
  • ITExperienced Ltd - New Zealand Linux vendor
  • ixsoft - German Linux vendor
  • Just Computers!
  • Linux Canada Inc.
  • Linux Central
  • Linux Mall
  • Linux Mandrake
  • Linux-Now - Linux CD vendor
  • linux123 - UK Linux CD vendor
  • Linux Press - Linux publisher
  • Linux-Service Lubitz - German Linux vendor
  • The Linux Store
  • Linux System Labs - Linux CD vendor
  • Linux System Labs Australia
  • The Linux Warehouse - South African Linux CD vendor
  • Metro Link - Linux Motif/X server vendor
  • Mind - Belgian Linux vendor
  • Mr. O's Linux Emporium
  • O'Reilly - Publisher of numerous Linux books
  • Pacific HiTech - Linux CD vendor
  • Piece By Piece - Linux CD vendor
  • Red Hat - Red Hat Linux
  • Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. - Linux publications
  • SUSE Linux - SUSE Linux
  • Tuxwear - Linux apparel vendor
  • Universal CDROM
  • Walnut Creek CDROM - Slackware
  • Warped Systems - Canadian Linux vendor
  • WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. - Linux Pro
  • XComputing
  • XI Graphics - Linux Motif/X server vendor
  • Yggdrasil Computing, Inc. - Plug and Play Linux

    Consult the Distribution HOWTO for more information.

    Ok, now where can I get additional software?

  • Linux Archive - Formerly
  • Linux Archive at MIT
  • Linux Kernel Archive
  • The Free Software Foundation
  • alt.sources Archive
  • comp.sources.misc Archive
  • comp.sources.unix Archive
  • comp.sources.x Archive
  • UF/NA Perl Archive - The all-purpose scripting language.
  • Tcl/Tk Archive - The embeddable GUI scripting language.
  • The Open Group's X11 Software Archive

    Where can I find online documentation?


  • Linux Manual Pages - Locally hosted for your browsing pleasure.
  • HOWTO's - Ditto.
  • The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
  • The Linux Documentation Project Home Page - All the rest!

    Other Languages

  • Czech Linux Homepage
  • Deutsche (German) Linux HOWTOs
  • Nederlandstalige (Dutch) Linux HOWTO's
  • S. u. S. E. Support-Datenbank - Siehe unten.
  • Linux France
  • Linux, l'OS UNIX pour tous - French documentation.

    Any others?


    There are now hundreds of Linux books on the market. Check your local or online bookstore.

    Projects I'm Working On


  • MINI-HOWTO: Connecting your Linux box to the Residence Hall Ethernet
  • MINI-HOWTO: Building, Installing, and Configuring sendmail 8.8.x on Linux
  • MINI-HOWTO: Building, Installing, and Configuring sendmail 8.9.x on Linux
  • Slides from the Washtenaw Linux Users Group PostgreSQL Talk (10/22/1999)
  • Linux on the Sony Vaio PCG-C1XS and the Sony Vaio PCG-F680 - Currently online only.
  • Linux on the K6-2+/K6-III+ - Also online only.

    Source Code

  • tkregexp 1.0 Beta 3 - Early beta of my regular expression builder.
  • NAS PPP 1.6 - Set up PPP in five minutes (Perl + Bourne shell).
  • bootpc - A BOOTP client for Linux. *
  • REP BOOTP - BOOTP configuration scripts for users of the Residence Hall Ethernet Project (The REP has switched to DHCP; see above).
  • oplbeep 2.2 - Updated for the latest kernels (ANSI C/POSIX).
  • oplbeep 2.2 LSM - LSM for oplbeep 2.1.
  • totem 2.1 - Updated for the latest kernels (ANSI C/POSIX).
  • totem 2.1 LSM - LSM for totem 2.1.
  • 1994 IOCCC Winners - Includes tvr, a fractal animator. *
  • xtvr.c - My interface to tvr (ANSI C/POSIX). (README)
  • parsenews - Clean up Usenet/E-Mail headers (Perl).
  • sortmail - Mail filter program for mh (Perl).
  • TkZWrite - A Graphical interface to Zephyr (Tcl/Tk).
  • XTelnet - A simple Tcl/Tk telnet interface.
  • Java - The Java work I've done thus far.
  • dcon - An improved "chat" for serial connections. *
  • connect - A work in progress PPP connection script for dcon.
  • make-html - Automatically generate web pages for the Linux HOWTO's.
  • make-mini-html - Counterpart to the above program for Mini HOWTO's.

    See Linux Manual Pages for scripts to automatically generate web pages for the Linux manual pages.


  • mc - XView fixes for mc 4.1.35+.
  • nmh - Linux shared library support for nmh 0.27 and newer.
  • XMille - The French-Canadian card game (from X11R6). *
  • XMille Patches for Linux (README) *
  • XMille Patches - Various clean-ups and a shared libXkw.
  • sccw - Sound Card CW, a morse code practice program. *
  • sccw Patch - An attempt to address some security issues.
  • fontutils - The GNU fontutils. *
  • fontutils Patch - So fontutils 0.6 will compile under Linux.
  • Seyon - An X-based communications program. *
  • Seyon Patch - Another patch for Linux.
  • kaleid - A kaleidoscope program for X. *
  • kaleid Patch - My BSD to System V (Linux) port.
  • Xtacy - X-based eye candy. *
  • An Imakefile - My contribution to Xtacy.
  • xelm - An improved xbiff. *
  • xelm Patch - Removes an assumption that can cause core dumps.
  • xosview - System status monitor for Linux. *
  • xosview Patch - A trivial patch to allow xosview to read global app-defaults.
  • xosview Patch 2 - Another patch to fix xosview 1.7.x's incorrect display of free swap in /proc mode.


  • Reentrant XFree86 3.3.3 Libraries - Useful for users of Wine 980118+, Xaos 3.0, Mesa, etc., who want to use threads with libc 5.x. Compiled with libc 5.4.46.

    More to come!

    * indicates convenience links for packages I have not personally written.

    Other Sites of Interest

    Linux Ports

  • The Linux/m68k Home Pages
  • MkLinux: Linux for Power Macintosh
  • Native Linux for Power Macintosh
  • Linux for PowerPC
  • Sparc-Linux Info
  • Linux/MIPS
  • Linux/Alpha
  • ARM Linux
  • Linux 8086
  • Linux VAX Port Homepage
  • The Linux/Microcontroller Project - Home of 3Com Palm Linux.
  • Linux on the NeXT


  • Linux Online (
  • Linux International
  • Software in the Public Interest, Inc. - Advocates of free software/open source.

    Trade Shows

    There are now dozens of trade shows dedicated to Linux around the world. Here are a few notable ones.

  • Atlanta Linux Showcase - Recently joined forces with the Linux Expo.
  • Linux World Conference & Expo (New York City) - Semiannual conference that alternates between Silicon Valley and New York City.
  • Ottawa Linux Symposium - Technically-oriented conference that takes place in Eastern Canada.

    Linux Magazines

  • Enterprise Linux
  • Linux Journal - The first print Linux magazine, dating back to early 1994
  • Linux Magazine
  • Linux Focus - Multilingual online Linux magazine.
  • Linux Gazette - Online only.
  • Linux NetMag - German online Linux magazine.
  • Maximum Linux
  • Solo Linux - Spanish online Linux magazine.

    The Latest News

    There are many sites dedicated to Linux news. Here is a sampling.
  • comp.os.linux.announce home page - A searchable database of announcements important to the Linux community.
  • The Linux Software Map (1, 2) - The canonical Linux software database.
  • Linux HeadQuarters - The canonical site for Linux patches, software updates, etc.
  • freshmeat - Tracks the latest revision numbers of Linux software packages.
  • IceWalkers - A software news site similar to freshmeat.
  • - Tracks open source software releases.
  • Apps4Linux - German open source software announcement and news site.
  • - Up to the minute computer industry news relevant to the Linux community. Using the Slashbox feature you can track many of these news sites on one page.
  • Linux World
  • Linux Today
  • Linux Weekly News
  • - Daily news and discussion forums.
  • LinuxPlanet
  • The Linux & Computer Geek Daily News Source
  • Moonlite - Linux news and newsgroups.
  • 32 Bits Online
  • Linux Resources - Resource page similar in content and scope to this page.
  • LinuxWeb - Multilingual Linux site.
  • Linux Web Watcher - Keeps track of when many Linux-related web sites were last modified (including this one).
  • Linux Mama - Numerous kernel-related resources. Similar in scope to Linux HeadQuarters.
  • Linux Resource Kit - News, Resources, and Documentation for using Linux.

    More Linux-Specific Links

  • LiNUX.COM - The mother of all Linux portal sites.
  • Debian/GNU Linux - Freely available state of the art Linux distribution.
  • Linux on Laptops
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing a Linux System
  • S. u. S. E. Support-Database - Linux Q&A
  • The Linux Research Center
  • Freezer Burn - Information and fun stuff for Linux.
  • Linux Directory
  • - Another Linux directory.
  • Linux 2000 Online
  • All About Linux
  • Paul's [Linux] junk... - Ethernet HOWTO, Bootprompt HOWTO, and memory savers.
  • Linux Information - Includes microsecond timer and POSIX.4 patches.
  • InterBoard - Structured, searchable Q & A area for Linux newbies and pros alike.
  • Linux Benchmarks
  • Linux Security Home Page
  • Slackware SimpleFixes
  • Linux Common Fixes
  • The Linux Maintenance Project
  • The Linux Configuration Page
  • Signal 11 FAQ - Linux is particularly good at detecting faulty hardware; check this site for more info.
  • Washtenaw Linux Users Group (Alternate)
  • The Linux Assistant
  • Albert Cahalan's Linux Page - The wish list, a console font editor, and more.
  • Johnny C's LINUX Resource Page
  • Linux Links by Goob
  • Josh's Linux Guide
  • Linux Links
  • Linux Center - Very similar in nature to Linux Links.
  • The Linux Fortran Information Page
  • Scientific Applications on Linux
  • Linux-Netscape Help Page
  • Linux Netatalk Faq-O-Matic
  • The Linux Game Tome
  • DOSEmu - The DOS emulator for Linux.
  • X/OS - Linux IP firewall and accounting
  • Linux EDA - Electronic Design Automation software pointers for Linux.
  • Linux Enterprise Computing
  • Java-Linux
  • Linux and Year 2000
  • Linux Guide


    Here are just a few interesting kernel and/or hardware pages.
  • Linux Kernel Archives
  • Linux Versions
  • Kernel Change Summaries
  • Linux at CESDIS - Ethernet driver information.
  • Linux Kernel + CVS HOWTO
  • Micro Channel Linux Home Page
  • Samba
  • NTFS for Linux (Alpha)
  • The Linux-GGI Project
  • Real-Time Linux
  • Linux USB
  • Linux-Privs
  • Linux Parallel Port Home Page - Includes information on parallel port peripherals.
  • ATM on Linux
  • The Linux IrDA Project - IrDA support for Linux.
  • The linux-kernel FAQ
  • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
  • Universal Disk Format (UDF) Driver
  • Linux-MM - Linux Memory Management Subsystem home page.
  • ISDN4Linux
  • DECnet for Linux
  • Linux IEEE-1394 - Apple FireWire, Sony iLink support.
  • A New Console Driver for Linux - Outlines recent improvements to the console driver.
  • Linux PCMCIA Information Page
  • Kernel Cousins - includes regular summaries of the discussion threads on the linux-kernel mailing list.
  • Linux ATA Development

    X11 Games


  • XFree86, the free X server for Linux.
  • Wine, designed to run Windows binaries under UNIX.
  • The Hungry Programmers, developers of LessTif, a free Motif clone.
  • GNU Documentation

    These lists are by no means exhaustive. Feel free to contribute! Direct any feedback to