X11 Games

Last updated on May 9, 1999.

My intention is to merge the following resources into one comprehensive games list:

  • Games for the X Window System - This list was last updated on March 15, 1994. Perhaps games on this list may need to be tracked down and/or ported.
  • X11 Games - This looks like a fairly comprehensive list. The large number of hyperlinks is a nice touch. The page lists X-MAME which brings to mind all of the games made available by the various emulators available for X11. See below.
  • The Linux Game Tome - This site's strong point is its reviews.
  • Linux Applications and Utilities Page - This page also lists a fair number of games for X11 under "Games & MM."
  • The comp.os.linux.announce home page - c.o.l.a should be a useful source of games that may not be listed in the above resources. Dejanews has the group archived from March 19, 1995 to July 25, 1995 (where the official c.o.l.a archives pick up). I have also been saving messages posted to c.o.l.a since mid 1994 but I may have missed some...
  • comp.windows.x.apps - This group was created on May 11, 1992, but again Dejanews should be a useful resource.
  • Tcl/Tk Games - I'm not sure how large this category is, but there are bound to be some qualifiers.
  • Java Games - Gamelan lists nearly 1500 games!
  • Windows and DOS games - Via dosemu and Wine. See the notes above and below on emulators.
  • Apple 2 games, C-64 games, Atari ST games, Amiga games, Sinclair games, Macintosh games, Infocom games (through the X-based interpreters), HP 48 games, TI-81 games, etc., etc., etc.

    My goal is to list every game available for X11 (if the game is binary-only it would be useful to list supported platforms), a short (one or two line) description for each, and a corresponding URL (if available).

    What motivated me to embark upon this? Linus Torvalds's "Linux Should Be Fun" speech at the 1997 Atlanta Linux Showcase.

    Direct any feedback to jgotts@linuxsavvy.com.