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The teTeX HOWTO: The Linux-teTeX Local Guide

Robert Kiesling

v2.9.1, 21 August 1997

This document covers the basic installation and usage of the teTeX TeX and LaTeX implementation under the major U.S. Linux distributions, and auxiliary packages like Ghostscript. Contents of the teTeX HOWTO: The Linux-teTeX Local Guide are Copyright (c) 1997 by Robert A. Kiesling. Permission is granted to copy this document, in whole or in part, provided that credit is given to the author and the Linux Documentation Project. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Please send all complaints, suggestions, errata, and any miscellany to, so I can keep this document as complete and up to date as possible.

1. Introduction.

2. What is TeX? What is LaTeX? What is teTeX?

3. Installation notes.

4. Post-installation configuration details.

5. Using teTeX.

6. Mixing text and graphics with dvips(1).

7. Using PostScript fonts.

8. Appendix: CTAN Site Listing

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