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7. Security sources

There are a LOT of good sites out there for unix security in general and linux security specifically. It's very important to subscribe to one (or more) of the security mailing lists and keep current on security fixes. Most of these lists are very low volume, and very informative.

7.1 FTP sites

CERT is the Computer Emergency Response Team. They often send out alerts of current attacks and fixes.

Replay has archives of many security programs. Since they are outside the US, they don't need to obey any silly US crypto restrictions.

Matt Blaze is the author of CFS and a great security advocate. Matt Blaze's stuff

Sorosis is the home of the linux PAM site. They have lots of modules and information on PAM. Linux PAM ftp site is a great security ftp site in the Netherlands.

The Hacker FAQ

The COAST archive has a large number of unix security programs and information: COAST is a great site for seeing what exploits are currently being used by crackers: exploits

BUGTRAQ puts out advisories on security issues: BUGTRAQ archives

CERT, the Computer Emergency Response Team, puts out advisories on common attacks on unix platforms: CERT home

Dan Farmer is the author of SATAN and many other security tools, his home site has some interesting security survey information as well as security tools: Dan Farmers

The linux security WWW is a good site for linux security information: Linux Security WWW

Reptile has lots of good linux security information on his site: Reptiles Linux Security Page

Infilsec has a vulnerability engine that can tell you what vunerabilities affect a specific platform: Infilsec vunerability engine

CIAC sends out periodic security bulitins on common exploits: CIAC bulitins

7.3 mailing lists

Bugtraq: To subscribe to bugtraq, send mail to containing the message body subscribe bugtraq. (see links above for archives).

CIAC: Send e-mail to: In the BODY (not subject) of the message put (either or both): subscribe ciac-bulletin

7.4 Books - printed reading material.

There are a number of good security books out there. This section lists a few of them. In addition to the security specify books, security is covered in a number of other books on system administration.

Building Internet Firewalls By D. Brent Chapman & Elizabeth D. Zwicky

1st Edition September 1995

ISBN: 1-56592-124-0

Practical UNIX & Internet Security, 2nd Edition By Simson Garfinkel & Gene Spafford

2nd Edition April 1996

ISBN: 1-56592-148-8

Computer Security Basics By Deborah Russell & G.T. Gangemi, Sr.

1st Edition July 1991

ISBN: 0-937175-71-4

Linux Network Administrator's Guide By Olaf Kirch

1st Edition January 1995

ISBN: 1-56592-087-2

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy By Simson Garfinkel

1st Edition December 1994

ISBN: 1-56592-098-8

Computer Crime A Crimefighter's Handbook By David Icove, Karl Seger & William VonStorch (Consulting Editor Eugene H. Spafford)

1st Edition August 1995

ISBN: 1-56592-086-4

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