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Linux NET-3-HOWTO, Linux Networking.

Terry Dawson, VK2KTJ,

v1.2, 20 August 1997

The Linux Operating System boasts kernel based networking support written almost entirely from scratch. The performance of the tcp/ip implementation in recent kernels makes it a worthy alternative to even the best of its peers. This document aims to describe how to install and configure the Linux networking software and associated tools.

1. Changes from the previous version

2. Introduction.

3. How to use this HOWTO document (NET-3-HOWTO-HOWTO ?).

4. General Information about Linux Networking.

5. Generic Network Configuration Information.

6. Network Technology Specific Information.

7. Cables and Cabling

8. Glossary of Terms used in this document.

9. Linux for an ISP ?

10. Acknowledgements

11. Copyright.

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