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HOWTO: Multi Disk System Tuning

Stein Gjoen,

v0.17, 3 February 1998

This document describes how best to use multiple disks and partitions for a Linux system. Although some of this text is Linux specific the general approach outlined here can be applied to many other multi tasking operating systems.

1. Introduction

2. Structure

3. Drive technologies

4. Considerations

5. Other Operating Systems

6. Clusters

7. Mount Points

8. Disk Layout

9. Implementation

10. Maintenance

11. Advanced Issues

12. Further Information

13. Getting Help

14. Concluding Remarks

15. Questions and Answers

16. Bits and Pieces

17. Appendix A: Partitioning layout table: mounting and linking

18. Appendix B: Partitioning layout table: numbering and sizing

19. Appendix C: Partitioning layout table: partition placement

20. Appendix D: Example: Multipurpose server

21. Appendix E: Example: mounting and linking

22. Appendix F: Example: numbering and sizing

23. Appendix G: Example: partition placement

24. Appendix H: Example II

25. Appendix I: Example III: SPARC Solaris

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