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Linux HAM-HOWTO, Amateur Radio.

Terry Dawson, VK2KTJ,

v2.3, 1 April 1997

It is hoped that this document will assist Amateur Radio operators in finding and trying the various amateur radio software that has been written for or ported to Linux. It is also hoped that as a consequence of this information being available that more amateur radio operators will choose Linux as the platform of choice for their experimentation, and that software developers will choose Linux as the platform for their software development, further expanding the role of operating systems like Linux in the Amateur Radio field.

1. Introduction.

2. Where to obtain new versions of this document.

3. Satellite Software.

4. Shack Automation Software.

5. Packet Radio

6. Morse Code

7. AMTOR Software.

8. PACTOR Software.

9. Slow Scan Television Software.

10. Facsimile Software.

11. Design and Construction Software.

12. Training/Educational Software.

13. Miscellaneous Software.

14. How to contribute or update an entry.

15. Discussion relating to Amateur Radio and Linux.

16. Copyright.

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