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Pekka Taipale,

v1.1f, 14 February 1996

This document describes how to finlandize Linux - Finnish keyboard mapping, time zone, 8-bit clean settings for applications, etc. Except for this abstract, the text is in Finnish because that is the benefit of the intended audience. This document may be reproduced at the usual Linux HOWTO terms. If you use it commercially, you're welcome to do so but I'd like to be notified. If you have questions, contact me at my e-mail address.

1. Johdanto

2. Näppäimistöasetukset

3. Pääteasetukset

4. Ympäristön lokaaliasetukset

5. Aikavyöhykeasetukset

6. X11R6

7. Eräiden sovellusten asetukset

8. Posti, nyyssit ja 8-bittiset merkit

9. Aiheeseen liittyvää materiaalia

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