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Linux Ethernet-Howto

by Paul Gortmaker

v2.65, 1 February 1998

This is the Ethernet-Howto, which is a compilation of information about which ethernet devices can be used for Linux, and how to set them up. It hopefully answers all the frequently asked questions about using ethernet cards with Linux. Note that this Howto is focused on the hardware and low level driver aspect of the ethernet cards, and does not cover the software end of things like ifconfig and route. See the Network Howto for that stuff.

1. Introduction

2. What card should I buy for Linux?

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Performance Tips

5. Vendor/Manufacturer/Model Specific Information

6. Cables, Coax, Twisted Pair

7. Software Configuration and Card Diagnostics

8. Technical Information

9. Networking with a Laptop/Notebook Computer

10. Miscellaneous.

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