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The dosemu HOWTO

by Mike Deisher. Updated by Uwe Bonnes,

v0.64.4, 15 March 1997 for dosemu-0.64.4 (in progress)

This is the `Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) / HOWTO document for dosemu. The most up-to-date version of the dosemu-HOWTO may be found in

1. The preliminaries

2. Compiling and installing dosemu

3. Hard disk setup

4. Parallel ports, serial ports and mice

5. Multiple users and Non-interactive sessions

6. dosemu and Netware

7. dosemu and X-windows(97/2/9).

8. dosemu and MS-Windows 3.1

9. Video and sound

10. Games

11. Other Hardware

12. Problems and fixes

13. Contributing to the dosemu project

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